Off-topic: 2011 ACC Coastal predictions

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2nd place: Miami
But seriously, who the hell knows?

I toyed with going for “unknown” again, for reasons previously stated.

Al Golden is in his first season here in Miami, taking over for Randy Shannon (who doubtlessly has plenty more problems of his own now). Golden would normally have a good team around him and they should have been able to contend in the ACC Coastal in 2011, as they have in the past few seasons, but Nevin Shapiro detonated like a hydrogen bomb right in the middle of their program. His credibility is still being assessed, but no matter how you slice it, all is not well in Coral Gables.

The ramifications of this scandal at Miami are potentially so severe that there is no way I can sit here and tell you where they will place this season after what has gone on; therefore, I do not stand by this prediction. Before everything happened, however, I had figured them as a second-place team and that’s what you’re seeing.

If nothing happens and the scandal otherwise proves not to be a distraction, which would probably require nothing short of divine providence, they could well finish second. Jacory Harris is an interception machine, but that hasn’t stopped them from placing high in the division in the past.