Ranking the 2011 BC football schedule by difficulty, 6th-1st

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4.) at Clemson
October 8, 2011 | Week 6 | Clemson, SC

This game was going to be higher on this list and then I remembered that the Tigers were actually worse than we were last year, not to mention the fact that BC beat them. You might be wondering, then, why this game is even at number four on the list, and I direct your attention to the last time Boston College played at Clemson in 2009. The Eagles went out onto the field and played what is perhaps the worst offensive game I have ever seen at any level of football in my entire life. It was the famous Coach Spaz “This could get ugly” game. Granted, that was 2009 and this is 2011, we don’t have Gary Tranquill anymore, and Clemson has had its own issues, but this will be a tough game to win because it’s a tough place to play. Despite their lousy record last year, the Tigers were 5-2 in their own building. If BC gets out of here with a win, they ought to be very pleased with themselves.