Soaring to Glory: some September help?


Allow me to cut to the chase: September is a bad time to get married. No, it’s not me getting married, rather my brother on one weekend and the cousin on the next. Further, my brother’s bachelor party (which I, the best man, have organized) is the weekend before.

Don’t they know this is college football season? It’s my busy time.

Anyway, I will be out of commission on gameday for each of the first three weeks of the season. If you need this spelled out from you, I will most likely not be able to watch the Northwestern game, the UCF game, or the Duke game, which means I will go dark. No postgame write-ups, analysis, or anything to that effect until the UMass game. I will still be able to do my normal daily articles Sunday through Friday, just not on gameday Saturday.

I’m prepared to work around this minor (and by that I mean titanic) inconvenience, but if anyone is interested in doing game recaps for Soaring to Glory for those first three weeks, please contact me at stg [at] joemicik [dot] com. Previous blog experience not required, but ability to write in cohesive, conventional English is. If you do a good job, I will leave the door open to putting you “on staff” as a recurring contributor. Inquire within!