2011 BC football breakdown, Part XXIII: Punter


Of course, with the way our offense did in 2010, not only were yesterday’s featured players (kickers, holders, and long snappers) out on the field their fair share, but the punt team was as well. Boston College’s situation at this position has improved in the last few years, with Ryan Quigley establishing himself as a reliable punter. This will, however, be his last season here.

Ryan Quigley | 46 | Senior

Our punter has the distinction today of getting an article all to himself.

In September 2008, I attended a Boston College football game against UCF. Ryan Quigley, the true freshman punter who had just taken over for Johnny Ayers, had two badly-shanked punts (amongst some OK ones, to be fair) of 24 and 17 yards. The crowd did not approve, and I remember thinking “this is going to take getting used to.” How far we’ve come in just a few years. It’s a good thing and a bad thing I suppose, but Quigley got quite a bit of practice in 2010, punting 79 times (the most in the ACC). He was only seventh in the conference with an average of 41.5 yards per punt, but he was able to boast the second-longest punt of the season for any ACC punter at 71 yards. He’s capable of booming the ball downfield; that much we know. His numbers have gotten progressively better over the past three years, so I see no reason why they can’t also improve in his senior season.

His second-string punter is Gerald Levano, featured in Part XXII, who works as the first-string holder but is trained as a punter.

Hopefully, Boston College won’t require the services of Quigley quite as much in 2011 as they did in 2010. If they do, however, then they have a pretty decent option on fourth downs.

As noted, Quigley is a senior. The Eagles haven’t brought in a punter with their 2011 class, either. Levano is a junior, so next year will be his last, anyway, and then you have Alex Howell who is primarily a kicker (but is cross-listed as a punter). Furthermore, the 2012 commitment list does not yet feature a punter, so it is somewhat of a mystery as far as who will take over this duty next season. As far as this season goes, however, there is no mystery whatsoever.