2011 BC football breakdown, Part XVIII: Weak-side linebacker


Once again, I say that linebackers are not an issue for the Eagles. You have a solid mix in Steele Divitto and Nick Clancy on one side, Luke Kuechly in the middle, and likely Kevin Pierre-Louis on this side. Not bad, not bad at all.

Kevin Pierre-Louis | 32 | Sophomore

Pierre-Louis, conveniently nicknamed KPL, made an impression on the coaches as soon as he got to Boston College last year. In the spring before he began his playing career, before even taking an official snap for the Eagles, he made the two-deep depth chart. As a matter of fact, he started every game last year, making 93 tackles (which was second on the team). A four-star recruit from 2010, he is one of the gems of the Boston College defense with speed and good tackling ability.  It goes without saying that he’s a good guy to have around on the field (for BC, not the other team).

Will Thompson | 50 | Senior

Will Thompson finds himself moving from the Mike second-string on the depth chart in 2010 to the Will second-string behind KPL this year. Thompson played in every game last season as Kuechly’s backup, with positive results. He made sixteen tackles and combined on a tackle for a loss. His problem was that he’s not Luke Kuechly, and Luke Kuechly is. In 2011, his problem is that he’s not KPL, and KPL is. Barring something disastrous, therefore, he will probably not get any starts at WLB but as the second-stringer, he’ll get his share of playing time.

Sean Duggan | 34 | Freshman

Duggan is the lone linebacker coming to the Eagles in the 2011 recruiting class. This guy got a lot of offers with some good programs on that list, but chose Boston College. His scouting reports talk of athleticism, ruggedness, a broad range and elusiveness, which reminds me of another linebacker we have from St. Xavier in Cincinnati, Ohio (yes, they went to the same high school – gotta love continuity – and when and if Steven Daniels comes, there will be another one from said high school). I’d say if he’s even half as good as Mr. Kuechly, we’re doing okay.  I’m less certain of his redshirt status for 2011; there’s a chance he might not sit out the season but I suspect we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Connor Galligan | 36 | RS-Freshman

Galligan is a local from up north of Boston (Wenham) and has yet to see the field for Boston College. He is recorded at a relatively light 210 lb. (relative to some of the other linebackers on the team, that is), but according to his Boston Globe profile, he was even lighter than that, so I suppose he’s bulked up. When and if he gets into games, it is unclear if it will be at this position, at strong-side, or in the middle.

The Eagles have a way with linebackers. Even in just the last few years, BC has had some big names come through and play in this three-man alignment. This year, Kevin Pierre-Louis will continue on in the WLB spot, but as you would hope, there is no lacking for talent behind him.