2011 BC football breakdown, Part XVI: Middle linebacker


The Eagles are set at the middle linebacker position in 2011, but beyond that, things are up in the air. We legitimately have one of the best players in Division I football starting here, but that is an arrangement that may soon come to an end. It’s also a position where future recruits have placed their commitments in jeopardy.

Luke Kuechly | 40 | Junior

Luke Kuechly does everything for the Boston College defense. Some days, he IS the defense. This Ohioan joined our team in 2009, and since then, has made national waves as one of the most feared linebackers in college football. He tackles at an extraordinary rate, is on top of seemingly every single play, finds the football like a heat-seeking missile, can cover big ground quickly, and plays hard on every down. Kuechly is on every preseason watch list up the freakin Wazoo, and for that reason, we Boston College fans must acknowledge that as a junior, this may be his final season on the heights. He is projecting as a mid-first round draft pick, and there will be a lot of do-re-mi coming his way if he has another stellar season as we all expect. Like Reggie Jackson couldn’t avoid the lure of going pro a year early, Kuechly might not be able to, either. For 2011, though, we are totally set.

Jake Sinkovec | 41 | Sophomore

Sinkovec was redshirted in 2009 and apparently appeared in just one game in 2010. The coaches were not in any big hurry to give him playing time last year, but in 2011, he appears right behind Kuechly on the two-deep depth chart. At 6-4, 234 lb., Sinkovec has just about the size we’re looking for at the position (using Kuechly’s 6-3, 237 lb. as a yardstick), but as for everything else, with him having played so little, we’ll have to find out this year as he figures to see more of the field.

Nick Lifka | 48 | Freshman

Lifka turned down a bunch of programs, including a strong offer from LSU, to come play at BC. A three-star recruit out of Illinois, Lifka is reportedly good against the run. From his highlight video, he’s not half bad at figuring out the pass, either. Relative to everybody else on the field, he seemed to have pretty good speed which, dare I say, reminded me a little bit of the guy starting at this position. He has redshirt written all over him, however.

Boston College would have had another four-star linebacker coming onto the team in 2011 by the name of Steven Daniels, but it was reported in mid-July that he will not join the team this season because of an academic issue. There is a chance he could re-evaluate his commitment going forward, but he will be studying at the Worcester Academy, so if BC wants to keep sweet-talking him into coming here in 2012, they won’t have far to go.

Long story short, Boston College has one of the best middle linebackers you’ll find in FBS football. That’s about all you need to know.