2011 BC football breakdown, Part XIII: Left defensive tackle


We’re now about half-way done with the twenty-five part series (I added an article on, so shoot me) breaking down every position on the Boston College football team. Today, we examine the left tackle position – no, not the one from Part IV, but the defensive equivalent. Returning as the likely starter here will be senior Kaleb Ramsey, who is listed as number one on the depth chart as this position. Last year, the second man on the list was Dillon Quinn, but as you’ll see tomorrow, L(D)T isn’t his job anymore, and as you’ll see in a few moments, there is a new man on the two-deep.

Kaleb Ramsey | 96 | Senior

Ramsey has appeared in twenty-six games thus far in his Boston College career with one year of eligibility remaining. As a senior who can boast 2.5 sacks and 7.5 tackles for a loss from last season, his job isn’t in a whole lot of doubt. He has had an issue in the past regarding a violation of team rules, for which he was suspended last year, but that has apparently not hurt his 2012 NFL Draft stock much, since NFL Draft Scout.com has him in the upper echelons of defensive tackles available next spring. I don’t know enough about the others available to assess where he stands amongst them, but he has not had a bad career at BC by any stretch.

Dominic Appiah | 95 | RS-Freshman

Appiah is the second-string player on the 2011 preseason depth chart for left defensive tackle. This three-star New Jerseyan recruit (who went to high school in Connecticut) was redshirted in the 2010 campaign, so we’ve yet to see him. At 6-5, 285 lb. he’s got the size for the position, but as for the skill, we’ll have to find out together. He played defensive end in high school, and from what I saw in his highlights video (and I understand that those just show the best plays, but still), he looked like an imposing player who had a real nose for the football and had the ability to shake off blocks and go right for the target. I hope we see the same at BC.

Ramsey is all but set to be the starter for the L(D)T starting position in 2011, and with Dillon Quinn sliding over, there shouldn’t be much of a controversy about it. He is, however, a senior, and what we see out of Appiah this year at his new position will have a lot to say about his role on the 2012 team. As for now, the Eagles have a veteran starter at left defensive tackle and that is how it will remain for this season, barring any major changes.