2011 BC football breakdown, Part XII: Left defensive end


Today, we flip to the defensive side of the field, having covered the eleven offensive positions. Similar to what I’ve done with line positions which are often unspecific to left or right side of the field, I will feature those players who I know play left end in Part XII (which for the unobservant is this article), and in the right end article, I will feature those on the RE depth chart and incoming DEs on the team who have not been otherwise named.

Max Holloway | 56 | Junior

Barring the unforeseen, here is your starting left end in September. Holloway played in all thirteen games last season and led BC in tackles for a loss with fourteen. His four sacks also put him at the head of the defense (if that doesn’t seem like a lot, it’s not – BC’s lack of a pass rush over the years has kept the Eagles’ sack totals down in general, and they came in 9th in the ACC with 20 on the season – however, and this is important, he did not start all season long). He got his chance to start last year when Alex Albright, now a former Eagle, went down with an injury, and he made the most of it. Holloway’s big moment of the season was breaking up a play in a goal-to-go, end-game situation which sealed a BC win over Duke last fall. Holloway has earned a full-time starting bid in 2011.

Mehdi Abdesmad | 45 | Freshman

Eddie Meredith isn’t the only Canadian we’re bringing on board in 2011, except this one, Abdesmad, is Quebecois. Up in la belle province du Quebec, Montréal to be exact, he did very well for himself playing at the defensive end position. In fact, briefly-exiled ESPN writer Bruce Feldman did a detailed work-up on him two years ago. He is on the second line of the depth chart at LE, which tends to indicate that he will see playing time and, obviously, will not redshirt.

The LE position as it appears right now belongs to Max Holloway. Last season he raised his game when Albright went out, and may prove to be a good player for the Eagles in 2011. If what we saw in 2010 is any indication of what he’s capable of, then it will be interesting to see how he continues his development this year, and if he can help BC generate more pressure on the opposing quarterbacks than they have in previous seasons. Given a full season, I expect Holloway to shine, but I also expect some solid contributions from our new Canadian recruit who has been praised for his skills.