2011 BC football breakdown, Part XI: Fullback


When it comes to true fullbacks, Boston College is a little light. In fact, on the roster and 2011 commitment list, there is only one who comes up. To make matters more headache-inducing, the new 2011 preseason depth chart lists two tight ends, Lars Anderson and Mike Naples, as the first and second-string fullbacks, respectively. At least now we know.

So then, Anderson is BC’s starting fullback (and why not, since with Chris Pantale at tight end, few other up-and-comers waiting, and Anderson having previous experience at the position, it makes sense). The Eagles do, however, have another guy on the roster:

Danny Traeger | 36 | Sophomore

Traeger, a Minnesota native, is the only official fullback on BC’s roster, but as we’ve seen, he not only won’t be the starter, he won’t even be the number two. He played at St. Thomas Academy in Minnesota and conducted his on-field business for a team which finished his senior season at 10-2. Unless he’s stuck as a “valuable scout team member,” which can’t be ruled out, perhaps he’ll see some very limited action.

Before the Eagles had issued their preseason depth chart, I thought it also possible that BC would see some of Andre Williams here. Think about it: you’d have the Montel-Williams tandem (not the Montel Williams tandem, because I don’t think he’s up to the task of playing RB, but the Montel dash Williams tandem). You could also call it the Harris-Williams tandem, but that’s the name of another player on the team and then we’re just confusing people. Either way, I suppose it’s still possible that will happen on certain plays. It would give BC a dual rushing threat from the backfield that Anderson wouldn’t be able to duplicate. Then again, it was Gary Tranquill’s idea to put both Montel Harris and Josh Haden on the field together, and one of them quit half-way through the season while the guy who put him there ran the offense into the ground. With that in mind, maybe BC should just stick with who they’ve got there after all.

For now, though, expect to see Lars Anderson as the fullback and Mike Naples as his understudy.

Tomorrow, we flip to the defensive side of the football.