2011 BC football breakdown, Part X: Halfback


Boston College football has been fortunate enough to have one of the leading running backs in the ACC in the backfield for the last three years. Montel Harris’s time on the heights is running short, however, but all indications are that there is plenty of talent lining up to take his place. Earlier this month, BC added another fine recruit at this position in Akeel Lynch, but he’s a 2012 commit. As for what we have going into 2011, I don’t think there will be too many complaints amongst the Eagles faithful.

Montel Harris | 2 | Senior

Harris is perhaps the most productive offensive player on Boston College as it stands right now. He rushed for almost as many yards as Chase Rettig threw for, and neither one of them played a full season. Additionally, he was the receiver with the fourth-most receptions in 2010 at eighteen, and on special teams, he was the top punt returner for the Eagles. There is no questioning what this guy can do: as a member of the All-ACC first team, he has led the conference in rushing yards per game and was second in all-purpose yards last season. Montel is more than capable of creating big plays and, if need be, taking the team on his back. There are few players on the team more valuable than him, which also makes him a key target for opposing defenses. Assuming all is well following his surgery from last year, he should be able to pick up where he left off in 2010.

Rolandan Finch | 28 | Sophomore

Fate has not been kind to Finch so far in his Boston College playing career. Part of his first year in maroon and gold was wiped out when he contracted mono, and what would have been his second year was entirely obliterated when he injured his knee in spring camp. I don’t know what we’ll get from him in 2011 but I suspect it won’t be a lot.

Mike Javorski | 39 | Junior

This junior from Illinois has served Boston College football well for the last two years – on the scout team. He has yet to accumulate any in-game stats and with the way the running back position looks this year, I doubt he’ll get his chance in 2011. At 5-7, 167 lb., he is the smallest running back on the Eagles’ roster.

Tahj Kimble | 20 | RS-Freshman

Kimble came to the Eagles in 2010, at which time he redshirted. We haven’t seen him in action yet, but he has been described as a guy with speed on the below-average side but one who can muscle his way for extra yards. I don’t know what the future holds for him at BC, but this year I suspect his playing time will be limited behind Montel.

Paul Maglio | 38 | RS-Freshman

Maglio, who redshirted when he arrived at Boston College (and wore number 47), is the brother of former BC Eagle football player Mark Maglio. This Wisconsinite was a three-sport athlete in high school who participated in the scout team last year.

Andre Williams | 44 | Sophomore

Williams put on quite a show at the end of the season against Syracuse after Montel Harris’s injury, and he is probably setting himself up not only as the second-string running back for 2011, but as the heir apparent to the starting job in 2012. In his first game as a starter, he exploded for 185 yards on the ground and finished with nearly 400 yards on the season. Clearly, we need to see more of what he can do, but from what we know, there is speed and talent there.

Zach Wolfe | 33 | Freshman

Wolfe is an incomer for 2011 (probably going to redshirt) who was a three-sport athlete at his high school. His scouting report is very thin, and by that I mean there isn’t one. Do not confuse yourself with another Zach Wolfe who is an offensive line recruit.

Montel Harris gives Boston College the luxury of having the running back position figured out for 2011. We know what we’re going to get from him: if all goes well, an All-ACC performance, one which will hopefully help his draft stock for next spring and get BC over the hump in conference play. All is not lost when he graduates, however, because there is talent waiting in the wings.