2011 BC football breakdown, Part VII: Right guard


(Note: today’s article will be listing all right guards and those guards not specified by left or right side.)

Boston College football has three vacant starting offensive line positions in 2011: left tackle, right tackle and right guard. Clearly, Anthony Castonzo’s ascent into the NFL opened up his left tackle position, tomorrow will feature Rich Lapham’s erstwhile right tackle spot, and Thomas Claiborne’s graduation has freed up this one. There would certainly seem to be more of a competition here than at other positions. I should note that Ian White, previewed at left guard in Part V, is also considered to be a contender for this position and may in fact get it, but I’m not a coach, so I don’t know for sure. Mark Spinney, center, is also cross-listed as a guard, but the center’s role is likely his once again.

Bryan Davis | 60 | Sophomore

Davis was on the second line below Claiborne in Boston College’s depth chart last year, but I can’t say for certain that he will get the job. He played in only four games in 2010 and started none, and has a high school pedigree as a defensive tackle (and a wrestler). I suspect Davis will be in the conversation when the coaches are putting their starting eleven together, because even as a sophomore who’s played in only four games, he has more experience than the majority of his opposition for the staring job.

Bobby Vardaro | 76 | RS-Freshman

Vardaro has yet to play in a game for Boston College, as he redshirted in 2010. He’s a local product from Phillips Andover who excelled in playing on the offensive line for the academy. Aside from that, scouting reports for him are not easy to come by, so I’ll mention that he’s 6-5, 301 lb., and is as much a candidate to start as this position as anybody else.

Harris Williams | 64 | RS-Freshman

Another redshirt freshman who hasn’t seen the field yet for BC, and another local product (from Lynn (Lynn, city of sin)). Williams was a three-sport athlete in high school who was a team captain on the offensive line from Proctor Academy. Again, I’ve scoured the interwebs but came up empty on the scouting reports, but an interesting footnote from his recruiting period is that he is a decommit from Stanford.

Who knows what we’re going to get at right guard, aside from the knowledge that if it’s one of these three guys starting, we’re breaking in a new starter. There’s not much veteran experience here at all, but you have to start somewhere I suppose. Someone, probably one of these guys, will become the starter and hopefully he’ll learn quickly as the Eagles look to reload this offensive line.

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