2011 BC football breakdown, Part VI: Center


Before we begin: Yesterday, Boston College released its updated 2011 roster. For the five previous articles, information was current as of the 2010 roster. There have been number changes and other amendments to the roster, so each article from Part VI forward will reflect these changes. Furthermore, with the news that two wide receivers have left the team, there will be more on that later today.

The center position has been in the hands of two different starters since Matt Tennant moved on to the NFL after the 2009 season. Nathan Richman was moved from left guard to center, but that arrangement didn’t last the whole season, as Mark Spinney got the job from the Maryland game onward. We do know, however, that next year, the Eagles will hand the position to another man.

Mark Spinney | 69 | Senior

Spinney is listed as being a little shorter and a little lighter than the man he replaced mid-season, but nevertheless, the job has been his since the 2010 season and will likely be his for the entirety of 2011. Boston College running backs had some good efforts with him leading this line (see: 200+ yards vs. Syracuse and Virginia), so I’d imagine they’ll stick with Spinney while they can. I don’t see too many circumstances in which they would make a change, short of injury, so for now, he’s got this locked down.

Andy Gallik | 59 | RS-Freshman

Gallik is the only other player on the Eagles listed as a center. He played center at his high school in Illinois and sat out the 2010 season with a redshirt. It would seem, however, that he will be a part of Boston College’s future plans at this position, seeing as how the two guys in front of him are about to play their final seasons and Gallik still has plenty of eligibility remaining (and by that I mean all of his eligibility remaining).  His scouting report speaks of a good blocking ability and a particular ability to succeed in helping the running game.

Nathan Richman is listed on the most recent depth charts as still being number two behind Spinney, and I’d imagine it will stay that way throughout the rest of the season, though that isn’t necessarily going to play out.  Since it would appear Gallik will see a lot more playing time in the future, he may see some action this year, perhaps even as the second-stringer.  It becomes interesting, however, after the conclusion of this year. Spinney and Richman, as aforementioned, are both seniors. Boston College could go with Gallik in the future if he proves himself worthy, or they may find themselves in the position where they will have to convert a tackle or guard to center (wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done it) or at the very least slot one of those guys in at the second-string level. That’s not a problem for this year, however, as the center position seems to be figured out.