2011 BC football breakdown, Part V: Left guard


(Note: similar to the left/right tackle positions, distinctions between left and right guard are often not made in detail on college rosters; Boston College is no exception. Today’s article will feature those specifically listed as left guards, Part VII will feature those listed as right guards and just “guards” in general, and Part VIII will feature (in part) all of the others listed as offensive linemen.)

One position for the Boston College Eagles football team that shouldn’t look too different in 2011 is left guard. The starter from last season is Nathan Richman, entering his senior year.

Nathan Richman | 75 | Senior

There should be very little doubt regarding Richman’s status; as a senior and a veteran starter on this BC offensive line, all signs point to him returning to left guard in his final season on the heights. He has done a decent job at the position and is getting favorable reviews (from what I saw) on 2012 draft websites, but that’s neither here nor there.

Richman began last season as a center, replacing Matt Tennant, but that was abandoned when he slid back to his natural position mid-way through the schedule and Mark Spinney took over (more on him in Part VI).

Ian White | 62 | Sophomore

White has appeared in depth charts on both sides of center, but in Boston College’s depth chart from late last season, he was just behind Richman at left guard. He has been somewhat of an everyman in his football career so far; he committed to Boston College as an offensive lineman, but played tight end and defensive end in high school, and recorded a tackle last year on defense. He was also a basketball player for his high school back in the day. He is possibly the left guard of the future after Richman graduates, unless someone else comes along.

Nathan Richman is the left guard this upcoming season, barring the unforeseen. He won’t need to slide over to center (hopefully), nor is the second-stringer behind him experienced enough to eclipse him. At least here, we know what we’re going to get. Being one of the most experienced guys on this line, however, Richman will have to lead by example and step up his game. I don’t need to tell you that the Eagles have lost some veteran starters on this line, but this is not one of those positions. For that reason, Richman may prove to be a key component of BC’s front five this season.