2011 BC football breakdown of all positions: Introduction


You read the title right: it is my intention to preview every position on the Boston College football team for the 2011 season, starting tomorrow with quarterbacks. Following the position breakdowns, I will spend one day going through the coaching staff, with particular emphasis on meeting new coach Kevin Rogers at offensive coordinator. After that, a couple weeks of other college football previews will slide us nicely into the first week of the season in September.

This twenty-four part series (not at all a typo) will run five days a week, excluding weekends of course, for the next five weeks. It is my goal to mention the name of every single person on the roster. If, of course, I miss anyone (probably incoming freshmen if anyone), I will kindly ask the readers to let me know so that I may include them in updated versions of my write-ups. Some players will have much more information and scouting available than others, for the obvious reasons that a chunk of the names we’re going to go through over the next five weeks have either not played for the Eagles yet or have done so little that it’s virtually impossible to have an opinion on them.

With only forty-six days remaining until kickoff at Alumni Stadium, it’s time to get back into the football spirit.

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