Happy 4th of July


I want to take this opportunity to wish Boston College students, alums, employees and bloggers, my readers, ACC fans, bloggers, and all other Twitter folk a happy Fourth of July. 235 candles is far too many to put on America’s birthday cake, so instead, flames will be lighting up the sky in the form of fireworks (and I look forward to that later on).

Myself, I’ve been enjoying my blog vacation, but play time will soon end. In about two weeks, I intend to launch a very ambitious series of previews for the new football season which, excluding most weekends, should be able to take us all the way up to Week 1 of 2011 NCAA football.

Enjoy the barbecues, beaches, company, and all that other stuff, and barring any other college sports news that requires comment, I’ll see you back here soon for quite the in-depth look at BC’s new season.