The top five BC sports moments of 2010-2011

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It’s summer, and we need things to talk about, so we’ll review the top Boston College sports moments of the year (in my estimation, of course; your mileage may vary). I was going to split this up into five separate articles but I’ll do something almost as good: split it into five different pages on the same article.

As far as how I arrived at the determination of the five best BC sports moments of the year, there’s no exact science. Not all of them were televised, and not all of them involved a specific play on the field or a game outcome. You could say that an alternative title for this series is “The top five best things to happen to the BC athletics program this year,” if you want to look at it that way.

Without further ado, we start with number five:

#5: November 27, 2010: Women’s soccer advances to College Cup (Final Four)

Photo: John Quackenbos

The Boston College women’s soccer team had a good regular season, going 12-5-1, and an alright ACC Tournament, winning one game before losing their second. Their body of work was good enough, at 13-6-1, to warrant a bid to the 2010 NCAA Tournament.

Just like in the 2009 season, though, this team knew how to turn things on when they got to the big dance. In their previous year, they got to the Elite Eight, but in 2010, they made it all the way to the Final Four (the College Cup as they call it). Unfortunately, they fell in the national semifinal to the same team who beat them in 2009 (Stanford), but seven NCAA Tournament wins in two seasons is hardly a bad thing.

The reason I chose this for the top five is that it’s quite rare for BC to have non-hockey teams reach the Final Four in anything. Women’s soccer isn’t exactly the most followed sport at Boston College, but they had an historic, memorable year. In a year where there were a handful of BC sports that frustrated the hell out of Eagles fans, women’s soccer was one of the shining examples of our successes in 2010-2011.

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