Harvard at BC: Third time’s the charm, right?



The prospect of a third loss in a row to the Harvard Crimson is so utterly terrifying and inconceivable that we shall not speak of it.  Instead, let us speak of the reasons why BC might just prevail this time.

First, examine the Harvard roster.  Do you see Jeremy Lin on it?  Good, neither do I.

Second, look at BC’s body of work so far this season.  They’ve had their good games and not-so-good games, but overall, they’ve had a very nice start at 11-3.  Their situation now is in contrast to each of the last two seasons: for Harvard loss #1, BC had just wasted #1 North Carolina at the Dean Dome and was setting up for a big letdown game.  For Harvard loss #2, as we would all be aware later on, the Eagles just weren’t that good last year.  Now, no letdown games, no trap games, and as far as I can see, no badly underachieving team (though BC does have a thing for losing to Ivy League teams the last few years).

Does this mean BC should not respect this opponent?  Absolutely not.  Harvard has embarrassed the Eagles in consecutive seasons, and it’s up to BC to get the ship righted.  As Ivy League teams go, Harvard isn’t that bad, but compared to BC and where we hope to go this season, this is a game the Eagles cannot and should not lose.  If they do, God help us all.

Tipoff is at 7pm.  Maybe we can watch this one, unlike the Rhody game.