Now that Chase is starting…


I’m glad that Coach Spaz made the call early in the week, and picked the fan favorite Chase Rettig to succeed Dave Shinskie.  He will make his collegiate debut on Saturday against Notre Dame, according to ATL/Bill, one of the most reputable sources in the BC blogosphere today. Blauds provides media confirmation.

This is what I want to see and how we should approach this new situation:

*Give him as many snaps as you can within reason.  You just burned this kid’s redshirt; you owe it to him to give him as much time as possible to learn the system and get in-game experience.  For starters, give him all the first-team snaps in practice.  Of course, this doesn’t mean pass the ball 50 times, but if Tranquill only calls 15 short pass plays on Saturday, I’m going to drive up to Boston with my pitchfork.  Let him play; don’t baby him. 

*Fans, be patient.  He will need time to mature and learn at this level.  Chase is starting his first game in the middle of the season on national TV.  Don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t go as well as we’d all like.  Of course, while patience is nice, there’s such a thing as patience with a learning QB running out (see: Shinskie, Dave).  It’s OK to be excited to see what he can do, but temper your expectations.

*Coach Spaz, be patient.  If you play him and things get rocky, don’t bench him.  Stay the course; we need stability at this position.  No more of the flip-flop I’m-gonna-play-both-QBs nonsense.  That ends as soon as Rettig takes the field.

Of course, I hope he develops and becomes a fine quarterback for the Eagles for years to come, but for now, we have to take what we can get.  The future is now for this football team, earlier than we expected, so try to enjoy it.