Virginia Tech at Boston College: Pick


This is the first real test of the 2010 season, and despite the fact that Virginia Tech is 1-2, it’ll be our chance to see if the Eagles are ready for primetime.  These are the factors in Boston College’s favor:

-The game is at Alumni Stadium, where BC has won its last two against the Hokies
-VT running back Ryan Williams is officially out for this game
-“BC is now 5-1 following a bye week as a member of the ACC with the only loss coming in 2005.” (Brian at BCI, 9/15/10)

Of course, BC are the underdogs (+4) and lost to this same team by 34 points last year.  The Hokies weren’t gasping for air at that point in the season like they are now, however.

If BC wins, it’d still be a great achievement.  They’d go to 3-0 (1-0) and signal that they are a team worthy of attention in this conference.

If BC loses — depending upon HOW they lose — it could mean a few different things.  Should BC lose a close game where they play well, there’s no shame in that, and though it would be a disappointment to the fans, it wouldn’t mean doom for our season.  If they got throttled along the lines of last year, however, then you’d have reason to be concerned that this could be another 8-4/9-3 so-so bowl game type year.

Either way, I think we’ll learn a lot more about the Eagles on Saturday than we did in both of the first two games combined.  As for what I expect, based upon some of the things I wrote about this week, I think the offenses will be frustrated at times.  Ryan Williams is gone for VT, Shinskie is a pure tossup from game to game (or even from half to half), and both offensive lines have struggled.  I think both defenses will be adequate, and in the end, it’ll come down to a field goal.  I think Nate Freese kicks that field goal, so I’m going BC by 3.  I can imagine a game along the lines of 27-24, something like that.

So long as I’m not stranded in New Jersey, I’ll tweet during Saturday’s game and post some thoughts right after the final snap.