The ICE JAM: Long overdue, but glad it’s here


BC Athletics is finally taking a step in the right direction with regards to bringing fans out to the Conte Forum this winter.  Today, it was announced that on Tuesday, October 26 at 8pm, the arena will open its doors for the 1st Annual ICE JAM (and believe me, I hope there’s a 2nd annual, 3rd annual, so on and so forth).  Four of our winter sports teams, both men’s and women’s basketball and hockey, will take part in the event.  Half of the floor will be in ice for the hockey teams, and the other half will be hardwood for basketball.  What’s more impressive is that UGBC was able to get prominent sportscaster Bob Costas to emcee the event.  Finally, in case anyone was wondering, the admission is free.

I’ve already said it twice over at BCI, but I’ll say it again here: this is a good idea; one whose time should have come years ago, but better late than never.  We fans of BC sports aside from football have been dying to see Athletics take some initiative to generate real interest in our other teams, and they’re finally getting around to doing it in a creative way that showcases several of our teams.  I don’t know if we’re ever going to get Midnight Madness at BC, but this is the next best thing.  Living in New York and this being on a Tuesday, it’ll be very difficult for me to attend, but those of you living in eastern Mass have no excuse.  I will do my part to generate interest in this event, and if you’re a fan of our sports, tell your friends who are fans as well.  Hell, bring a friend when you go.  I want to see Conte Forum packed on 10/26.

Who knows if the idea will pay immediate dividends, but I firmly believe that over time, and with a sustained effort to energize the fans outside of this event, we may start to see a turnaround in the attitudes of BC fans towards attendance at these games.  There’s a little something for everyone here, too: it’s not just one team, it’s four.  You’ll get to see the national champions in men’s hockey take to the half-ice, see new BC basketball coach Steve Donahue, and see our womens’ teams in action.  I’m not sure how they’ll work out the logistics for four teams sharing the spotlight at once, but I’m sure they have a plan.  Support your Eagles and save the date.