BC 26, Kent State 13: Quick, unedited reactions


*Another hit or miss day at quarterback, but back to that in a minute. The real shock today was how uncharacteristically badly the offensive line played today. Kent State got penetration up front and really gave the quarterbacks and running backs hell. They surely contributed to some of the mistakes being made by Dave Shinskie and Mike Marscovetra and really hurt BC’s cause today. The Eagles won largely in spite of this unit.

*The good news from today was that the defense looked so much better. They were able to generate a pass rush via blitzing, get to the quarterback, stop the run, and gain turnovers. Overall, it was a good performance by this group, and if I was giving out game balls, they’d get it.

*BC’s linebackers will be a force to be reckoned with all year long, as I suspected.

*Back to the men under center, all I got out of this game is that if I were really looking to take a gamble, I’d want to see what Chase Rettig can do. I’m not saying Dave Shinskie was terrible today, because he was better than last week, but again, he’s still showing the ability to make bizarre and crucial mistakes. The touchdown pass to Swigert was in the midst of a lot of white jerseys (he did that a few times), he fell down for an unassisted sack, he wasn’t always on target, and one of the Kent State DBs dropped an easy pick. To his credit, he appeared to do a few more things right and was good enough to win.

*Was he better than Mike Marscovetra though? Yeah, but Marscovetra again only saw a few plays. In those few plays, however, he did not look good. It’s kind of unfair for me to say he stinks based on a few plays this week and a few last week, so I won’t, but I don’t have great confidence in him, either. Unlike Shinskie, however, he didn’t really get the chance to redeem himself for his miscues.

*BC’s wide receivers made Shinskie’s stat line look a little better today, as they did last week. Johnathan Coleman, Clyde Lee, Bobby Swigert, and Ifeanyi Momah to name a few all made some nice catches in the game, and I found myself saying “He caught that!?” several times.

*The offensive line’s play hurt Montel Harris’s game, but the kid tried out there today. When he got the appropriate blocking, he was able to get some decent runs, but overall, it wasn’t the game I expected from him today. I suppose you have to credit Kent State’s run defense, which held Murray State to -65 yards last week.

*Outside of the opening kickoff, Nate Freese looks like he’s doing a fine job.

*Today, BC football was the anti-BC basketball: bad first half, good second half.

Enjoy the week off. A bloodied Virginia Tech team is next on the docket.