Kent State at Boston College: Pick (another real shocker)


Boston College and Kent State are both 1-0 to start this new season, but only one will double their win total.  The Golden Flashes faithful think they’ll knock off a BCS team at some point soon, while the Eagles faithful are pretty certain that they’ll be notching this one in the win column.

If BC wins: 2-0; ho hum again (but it all depends on how the Eagles look in winning)
If BC loses: 1-1; disastrous way to go into a bye with VT and ND waiting on the other side

The Eagles are still favored by three scores in the game on Saturday afternoon.  After last weekend’s okay-not-great performance over Weber State, I’m not entirely sure what we’re going to get out of this bunch.  They won on the sheer force of being a more talented team than the Wildcats, but Kent State is a step up (albeit not a large one), and BC can’t cruise through this one and expect a relatively effortless win.  I expect BC to wake up, but Kent State aren’t as much of a pushover as in years past.   Going more conservative in the points prediction this week, I think the final score will hit right on the Vegas line.  BC by 17.

Assuming I’m back from the car dealership on Saturday with enough time to spare, I expect to be tweeting throughout the game.  See you folks there.