Weber State at Boston College: Pick (as if you don’t already know)


Weber State is a better team than the last team we faced on Opening Day, which probably isn’t saying a whole hell of a lot. They’re not going to win, but I’d be a little surprised if the margin was as big as the Northeastern game (54).

If BC wins: Ho hum.
If BC loses: Utter calamity. Check the sky for the Four Horsemen.

Weber State, unlike Northeastern, will probably manage to get on the board. They won’t be able to keep BC off of it, however. The Eagles will likely put up at least 40 and Montel will probably have a multi-TD game.

Final Pick
Chalk this up as a big win by the Eagles to start right at 1-0. Weber State gets a trip out to picturesque Boston, takes their beating and cries all the way to the bank.  BC by 32.

For those going, enjoy the game, but not the hurricane making a pass at New England.