August Boredom Post II: Ranking Football Games by Level of Difficulty, 1-6


Like the last post, least difficult at the top, most difficult at the bottom. These are the games on the schedule I’d call the six most difficult; there are a few “meh” teams on here, and also some very tough opponents.

6. Syracuse
Gameday: Saturday, November 27 (Week 13)
Conference: Big East
Recent history: BC has lost two in a row; last game in 2004 (one of the most memorable BC losses of the decade)
Location: Syracuse
How good will they be: Meh

Kind of a difficult one to put my finger on because it’s been a while, but BC will be the superior team going into the game. The Orange found a way to win four home games last year, but they’re not a very good team. I suspect I’ll be optimistic about this game as it approaches.

5. Wake Forest
Gameday: Saturday, November 6 (Week 10)
Recent history: BC has won 3 in a row
Location: Wake Forest
How good will they be: Mediocre

The Deacs underachieved last year, and now they’ve lost their quarterback to the NFL. Still, Wake Forest played a very competitive game last time in Boston, and this contest is swinging down to North Carolina. I could see BC being the favorite going in. The fact that this is the 5th-most difficult game on the schedule tells you how manageable it is.

4. Notre Dame
Gameday: Saturday, October 2 (Week 5)
Conference: Independent (but not if Jim Delany can help it)
Recent history: BC lost the most recent game in 2009 but had won the previous six
Location: Boston College
How good will they be: Decent

The Irish will be relatively formidable compared to some of the other teams on their schedule this year — not BCS material, but likely bowl-eligible. Last year, BC lost a game they probably could have won in South Bend, but now it’s in Boston where the Eagles haven’t lost to Notre Dame since 1998.

3. Clemson
Gameday: Saturday, October 30 (Week 9)
Recent history: Dabo Swinney apparently has our number so far
Location: Boston College
How good will they be: Decent to good

Now we’re really starting to get into the tougher part of the schedule. For the Tigers, no CJ Spiller, no problem — Clemson has Kyle Parker back and it’s never an easy game against the Tigers. The ACC runners-up last year are legitimate contenders to repeat in the ACC Atlantic and they will be a tough out.

2. Virginia Tech
Gameday: Saturday, September 25 (Week 4)
Recent history: BC got nuked at Virginia Tech in 2009 but won the previous three regular season games
Location: Boston College
How good will they be: Very good to excellent

Damn good football team; will likely be ranked well up the list all season long. The fact that this game is at home probably helps but it will be exceptionally challenging, even right out of a bye week (which might also help). Quite likely the best team they’ll face in the regular season, but I couldn’t put this game at #1…

1. Florida State
Gameday: Saturday, October 16 (Week 7)
Recent history: BC has won the last two
Location: Florida State
How good will they be: Good to very good

This is the game that may define BC’s regular season and decide if they’re off to Charlotte in December. Christian Ponder and Florida State are the darlings of the media and with the merciful dismissal of Bobby Bowden, who knows where things might head for the Seminoles; many believe them to be headed up. Winning at Doak as the road team can be a major challenge, though BC has done it before. Virginia Tech may well end up being a better team than Florida State, but I feel better about the Hokies game being on our home turf. This game is on theirs, and it will be difficult for certain.