August Boredom Post I: Ranking Football Games by Level of Difficulty, 7-12


I think I spelled it out pretty well in the title, don’t you? I will start with what I suspect will be BC’s easiest game in 2010 and finish with the most difficult. Some factors I consider are recent history with the opponent (if any), location of the game, and how good I think the opponent will be this year, amongst other things.

You can put just about all of the games on the schedule into three categories: easy, meh, or tough.  The ones we’re going over today, 7-12, will be the easier half of the schedule, with a few “meh’s” thrown in.

12. Weber State
Gameday: Saturday, September 4 (Week 1)
Conference: Big Sky (FCS)
Recent history: None
Location: Boston College
How good will they be: Not very

The Wildcats will probably compete in the One-Double-A Big Sky Conference, but not against an ACC program with hopes of taking a division title. High likelihood of a blowout, which it would have been anyway if BC were playing the team they’d originally been scheduled to (Hofstra, who instead gave up football altogether).

11. Kent State
Gameday: Saturday, September 11 (Week 2)
Conference: MAC
Recent history: BC 2-0 all-time; wins in 2008 and 2009 (average margin of victory: 24 points)
Location: Boston College
How good will they be: Meh

This should be another one of those games that BC takes care of business and wins by at least three scores. Probably won’t have to break a sweat to get to 2-0, but like last year, 3-0 will be a completely different story.

10. Virginia
Gameday: Saturday, November 20 (Week 12)
Recent history: BC undefeated against UVA all-time; won most recently in 2009
Location: Boston College
How good will they be: Mediocre

The Wahoos gave BC a real run for their money last year in Charlottesville, but this game is up in Boston, this year’s Eagles are improved, and UVA is starting over with a new coach.  This should be the most winnable ACC game on the schedule.

9. Maryland
Gameday: Saturday, October 23 (Week 8)
Recent history: BC has won last two in 2008 and 2009
Location: Boston College
How good will they be: Not very

Maryland is not expected to be that good of a team again in 2010, and given that the game is at home (and this Terps team lost all 5 road games last year), it’s another one BC ought to win.

8. Duke
Gameday: Saturday, November 13 (Week 11)
Recent history: Last game in 2006; BC won by 21
Location: Duke
How good will they be: Mediocre

Duke showed last year that they can be a tricky team, but star QB Thad Lewis has left. Probably their least-challenging away game but you never know on the road.

7. NC State
Gameday: Saturday, October 9 (Week 6)
Recent history: BC has won 3 in a row with an average margin of victory of almost 20 points
Location: NC State
How good will they be: Mediocre

One of these days, TOB might beat BC. Or he might not. (He might not get the chance in 2011 if he stinks up the joint again this year.)

Tomorrow, the six toughest games on BC’s schedule.