BC blogosphere: BC/Wake Forest reaction


This weekend, all my BC blogs gave me something to work with.  Pat yourselves on the back.

The ACC Report called the BC victory and spoke of how BC dominated Wake Forest for most of the game.  BC should have won this game in regulation, and I think my fellow blogger(s) would agree.

Eagle All Access gave Gary Tranquill a mixed review for his playcalling (some of which was as bad as the Clemson game), and lamented how the secondary got picked apart by Riley Skinner and the Deacs passing game.  I will make a side note: Wake had almost 500 yards of total offense in their loss, which (goes without saying) is by far the worst mark the Eagles have put up this year.  I don’t think that’s ground they’ll be treading on again in 2009, at least I hope not.  He’s also right that BC was lucky.

Eagle in Atlanta gave the Eagles a B- in their win and gave Dave Shinskie and Josh Haden their due props.  I say C+ because, despite the victory and an obvious bounce-back performance, there were still several areas with which I was not impressed.  He took the words out of my mouth with his “playing to win vs. playing not to lose” comment; up 24-10 with a few minutes to go, you should not end up in overtime.  BC let up with some ultra-conservative play-calling and that is of some concern to me.

Towers on the Heights posted on BC Interruption’s page, and all of them were undoubtedly pleased with the outcome.  The former was proud of the Superfans in attendance on Saturday, whereas the latter experienced a mixture of both encouragement and not-encouragement (but not discouragement), in part due to the defense gagging up the lead late.  Myself, I would have been happier if they won in regulation, because blowing a late lead coming off of a ridiculously bad loss is a little deflating, despite the fact that they won.

Finally, Mike and Wesley at BC Draft came up with ten things they liked about BC’s performance.  Of their list, my top one was their first: the overtime fumble recovery which, one could argue, probably saved the game and kept us from marching with our pitchforks on Alumni Stadium.