BC blogosphere: BC/Clemson reaction


As one might expect, the reactions of Boston College fans were not pleasant in regards to the Eagles’ 25-7 clubbing at Clemson.  In what was the worst offensive performance in at least 15 years, but probably way longer, some adjectives used to describe the game include:

* Ugly.  Eagle All-Access places the blame squarely on the offensive line for the team’s inability to gain more than 54 yards in the game.  I agree that the coaching should be called into question, but not just the offensive line coach: the whole offensive staff.  Running up the score on Northeastern and Kent State is one thing, but if the O-line plays like this next week, they’re going to lose to Wake also.

* Terrible.  Eagle in Atlanta was at this disgraceful showing, sitting through two thunderstorm delays for naught.  He believes that Tuggle was not as bad as his stat line, which is probably true, and there were a few things to be encouraged about.  Again, blame was placed on the offensive line, deservedly so, but a lot of it goes back to their coaches.  As I’ve noted, Tranquill called a terrible game and ATL (and the rest of the viewers) saw it too.   Props were given to the defense who kept Clemson out of the end zone all game and were the only reason BC lost by only 18.  

* Horrible.  The dudes at BC Interruption didn’t like what they saw out of Shinskie — nor did anyone for that matter.  One doesn’t like the two quarterback system, while the other thinks they should go one more round and see how it goes.  They found, as did we all, that the only good thing to take out of this one was the defense, who I fear will be wasted in 2009 if this offense continues to play like crap.  They, on the other hand, are not even close to giving up on the season.  (Neither am I, to be fair, but BC’s offense needs major work.)

[Note: the BC Interruption guys also inform me that they were at the game…I’m sorry you had to see that.]

* Unpleasant.  The BC Draft guys were, like ATL, also at this one, and I feel for them.  Everything that the rest of us found wrong with BC’s performance, so did they, and question the offensive coaching staff.  Unfortunately, they also had to put up with the rain, tent malfunctions, and hillbillies.

Nick over at The ACC Report didn’t supply me with an adjective, but he did drop BC in his rankings to 9th in the ACC.  I’d say that’s about right: they’re not the worst or even the second worst (that would be Virginia and Maryland, respectively), but fourth worst is probably about right.