Just how bad was BC’s loss to Clemson?


I went back into the game logs as far back as I could (1995), and the next lowest amount of yards of offense was 139 more than what BC gained yesterday.  If you remember that 2006 Miami game as I do, if you thought the offense with Matt Ryan was anemic that day, this BC offense gained only 28% of the yardage that team did that day.  Though I can’t go back any further (since obviously older BC teams weren’t posting their stats on teh intrarwebz), I’m going to assume that 54 yards of offense is somehow historically bad for the Eagles.  Not saying that it was the worst (I’m sure we could dig up some shutouts in the silent-movie era where BC did worse), but if you said to yourself yesterday “this was the worst offensive game I’ve ever seen BC play,” you may actually be right.

If you were wondering, the 49-7 thumping at home by Army in 1995 saw BC and Matt Hasselbeck gain a lot more yards than that.