BC at Clemson: Quick, unedited reactions


-Tranquill’s playcalling was absolutely terrible for the most part. How many damn first downs in a row can you run the same play? Evidently, a lot. This was a Bible-esque performance, probably even worse, and I’d can his ass before they got back on the plane.

-Speaking of coaches, Spaziani’s interview was weak and defeatist. “It could get ugly” – no shit, sherlock!

-The offensive line was crap. Absolutely the weakest link today.

-MAJOR props to the defense. Their offense gave them nothing to help them out and they kept Clemson out of the end zone.  If I was out there for 2/3rds of the game, I’d get tired towards the end too.

-HATED the punt in the 3rd quarter down 19 with 4th and 2 near midfield. You’re getting your asses waxed; GO FOR IT!

-Two thunderstorms. Just what we needed…prolonging the torture.

-Quite possibly the worst offensive performance I’ve ever seen out of a BC team (keeping in mind that I’ve only been watching BC for 6 years now). They made it VERY easy for Clemson’s D today. 51 yards? Embarrassment.

-BC has given me a reason not to pick them in future games this season. It’s going to be a long year.