BC Blogosphere: BC/Kent State reaction


I know about all of these other BC blogs, but they don’t know about me.  Oh well, that’s the way it goes.  Anyway, I’ve scanned a few of them and will bring you all of the reactions to BC’s 34-7 win over Kent State as I can…not the least of which, of course, was my own.

Eagle in Atlanta gave BC an A- for their efforts.  He noted, as I have here, that Justin Tuggle shows promise and beats Dave Shinskie in the decision-making department.  I would give Boston College a B+, possibly a borderline A- (let’s say right around a 3.5 GPA). 

BC Interruption didn’t have so much to say about the game (which was a snoozer) as the quarterback situation.  The guys seem to be with me in giving the nod to Tuggle next week, but reminded us all of last year’s week 2 quarterback debacle.  I had almost forgotten how Crane took that safety against Georgia Tech which ultimately contributed to their doom.

The BC blogosphere seems to be 4-for-4 in supporting Justin Tuggle, as Eagle All-Access gives him the thumbs-up as well.  It wasn’t a perfect effort, but it was certainly good enough to blow past the Golden Flashes.  They echo a theme raised by Eagle in Atlanta about the offensive line not playing so well, and I agree.  This is something that will definitely have to be corrected in ACC play.

Despite the fact that BC has opened as the underdogs against Clemson (which I will evaluate in a future post), I’ve definitely seen enough to believe that this team can be competitive against the Tigers.