Tuggle vs. Shinskie


For the first two weeks of the season, coach Frank Spaziani has played all four quarterbacks at his disposal: Dave Shinskie, Justin Tuggle, Mike Marscovetra, and Codi Boek. Of the four, only Boek did not take a snap in the Eagles’ most recent victory over Kent State. He is not one of the leading two candidates to be the starting quarterback anyway; either Tuggle or Shinskie will lead Boston College through their ACC schedule, which begins Saturday against the Clemson Tigers.

Shinskie is a former Minor League Baseball pitcher with the Twins and Blue Jays organizations who, at age 25, is coming to college as a freshman. He previously quarterbacked and punted for his high school, Mt. Carmel Area High in Pennsylvania, but pursued baseball for nearly six years. Tuggle, on the other hand, is a redshirt freshman out of Northview High in Georgia who broke a number of school records while there. Some believed, coming into this season following the departure of Dominique Davis (and even before it), that Tuggle would be “the guy” this year. I am one of them.

Statistically, not that you can put too much creedence into it, both quarterbacks have had a nice start. Tuggle is 9-17 with 206 yards, 3 touchdown passes, and a quarterback rating of nearly 213. Shinskie is 16-26 for 183 yards, two touchdowns and a pick, and a much lower QB rating at 138.4. Numbers do not tell you everything, however. Tuggle is a mobile, athletic guy who has thrown some very nice passes in his last few games. He also seems to have poise and intelligence in the face of pressure. Shinskie, for his part, has a big arm and can toss some bullets. Other Boston College fans have noted, however, that he does have a tendency to decide on one target receiver, which signals a lack of “thinking on his feet.” Shinskie is also less mobile, while Tuggle has less of an arm (though neither one has a bad arm).  This is not to say neither one will improve, though, because both will over the next four years.  That’s not what’s in question, however; it’s who gives the Eagles the best chance to win now

Shinskie, for a freshman, is a fine quarterback, and I believe he will see some more playing time. Tuggle, for a freshman, is a better quarterback. I believe Frank Spaziani’s best option going to Clemson this weekend is Justin Tuggle.