BC beats Kent State 34-7


Frank Spaziani’s Eagles rolled on in their non-conference schedule, pounding the Kent State Golden Flashes at home by a score of 34-7.  BC’s quarterback-by-committee produced some good results, but the winner in my book was Justin Tuggle, who went 8-14 with 160 yards and two touchdowns.  Kent State, for their part, only saw their offense wake up late in the game. BC’s first turnover of the season came with 13:07 to play in their second game (Eagles still +2 overall), Kent State crossed midfield for the first time in the game with 12:57 to go in the 4th quarter, and crossed 100 offensive yards with just over 12 minutes to go in said quarter.

The Eagles scored the most unanswered points that their program has had to start a season (88) since 1926, when that BC team went well over 100 unanswered.  BC’s first allowed points of the season came almost at the very conclusion, on a Kent State touchdown with 2:16 to go, ending the streak.

Next week, finally a big test for Boston College as they will face the Clemson Tigers down in South Carolina. During the week, we will watch to see who Frank Spaziani will name as the starting quarterback (should be Tuggle based upon the two games we’ve seen so far).