First day of classes at BC


If I know my academic calendars right, and I think I do, today will be the first day for our Eagle class of 2013.  Best of luck to them and may all of our class of 2010 seniors pass.

Part of me is glad I’m not doing that anymore, but part of me misses having an excuse to be at Boston College.  I would love to work there, but I don’t think they want me back.  In any event, here are some tips for the freshmen (and for all college freshmen):

*Go to your first set of classes — the teacher might make an effort to learn your name, and you can determine if you want to drop it.

*But remember, drop-add might not always save you: you may want to dump a class, but a better one might not be available.  Sometimes, you just have to deal.

*For future reference, and I know you probably didn’t have much of a choice this time around, try not to schedule any classes before 10:30am.  If you don’t understand now, you will soon.  Personally, what I did was load up on Tuesday-Thursday classes with one Monday-Wednesday.  That way, I basically only had two days of class a week with a brief intermission from daily life on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Of course, the 3-day weekends every week were also nice.

*Used books are your friend.  People who owned them in semesters prior underlined all the good parts for you already.

*Don’t burn through all your electives early either.  You want to save those for the later years; as for now, wipe out your core and then start cracking on your major.

*This isn’t high school anymore, and a lot of the professors don’t screw around.  Get your work in on time and devote some time away from partying so you can study when you have to, and for God’s sake don’t cheat.

*Pretty much no matter what happens, it will be better than high school, so make the most of your 4 years. Enjoy the company of your friends, wear your Superfan shirts, and GO TO THE GAMES AND SUPPORT AS MANY EAGLES TEAMS AS YOU CAN.  Triple underline.