Lousy opening weekend for the ACC


Winners: Boston College, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Clemson

Losers: Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Virginia, Duke, North Carolina State

Losing at the time of this post: Maryland

Yet to play: Miami, Florida State

The biggest wins were those of #15 Georgia Tech and #21 North Carolina, easily dispatching their cupcake opposition. BC hung a 54-point rout on Northeastern and Clemson easily beat Middle Tennessee State. #7 Virginia Tech, though a loser today, performed decently against #5 Alabama.

Most of the ACC losses, however, were pretty tough. North Carolina State managed only three points in their loss to South Carolina. Maryland is getting crushed against #12 California. Baylor upended Wake Forest at home. Duke lost their home opener to Richmond, last year’s FCS champion. But perhaps the most shocking ACC loss of them all today was by Virginia, who, at home, got roasted late by William and Mary and fell by 12. William and Mary hadn’t beaten an FBS school since 1998 before today.

In all, the ACC did not perform as well as hoped. The ranked teams, for the most part, carried themselves to victory. A bunch of others have work to do.