Saturday updates


More recent updates at the top; older updates at the bottom:

* The OVC may not be a major conference, but they’ve got one hell of a championship game going on. The last 10 seconds of regulation had me dropping my jaw twice.

* Maryland has played itself out of the tournament. That loss to UVA is a killer.

* Some new conference tournament champions: Radford (Big South) and East Tennessee State (Atlantic Sun).

* Great, great win for the Texas A&M; Aggies. I’d put them in my bracket for sure today after beating Mizzou handily at A&M.;

* I’m not at all surprised that Pittsburgh beat UConn a second time. I thought about it for a bit, and as of right now, they’re my pick to win the whole thing. My view may change between now and when I fill out my bracket next week, but I like the look of this team.

* I still like Penn State in the tournament after losing in 2OT to Iowa, but they can’t check out of the Big Ten Tournament early.

* Michigan is still firmly on the bubble for me, but at least they got something else to add to their resume. For both Michigan and the team they beat (Minnesota), a good Big Ten Tournament is critical. I don’t obviously know what the matchups are yet but a one-and-done would probably be fatal for both.

* So much for the Vermont Catamounts: the 2-seed gets dropped by the 7-seeded SUNY Albany.

* Florida still has a chance for an at-large if they have a spectacular SEC Tournament, but even then, I don’t care much for their resume. Kentucky is done; they’d have to win it. Another team that looks done except for winning their conference tournament is Rhode Island. The Rams’ resume wasn’t good enough a few days ago and it’s certainly not good enough now.

* Cal could have really used this game against Arizona State to bolster their case, but they’ve still got a nice record, RPI, and SOS. I think they should be fine and the Golden Bears will be in.