About Soaring to Glory

About Soaring to Glory

Soaring to Glory was founded in March 2009 by Joe, a 2008 alumnus of Boston College, on the legendary Blogger network. In January 2011, it was successfully recruited to join the FanSided sports blog network and was the second ACC blog to take part. Joe is the most tenured editor on the ACC side and one of the longest-serving active editors on the network.

Joe has been an Eagles fan since the day he set foot on campus in 2004. Over the years, he has made friends amongst the Eagle faithful, as well as ruffled a few feathers. Soaring to Glory encourages Boston College students, alumni, and fans to support their teams and wish for the players to attain greatness in everything they do, on and off the field, at BC and beyond, but also not to be afraid to speak out when the situation warrants it. Things are not often sugarcoated on this site, and STG does not subscribe to a “party line” with regards to BC athletics. STG prides itself on being an independent voice amongst several other very good Boston College blogs that also support our school through thick and thin but tell the truth as well.

STG is committed to bringing Boston College fans stories, analysis, and more.

Joe is a writer with a personal website at joemicik.com.

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