2013 AdvoCare V100 Bowl: 5 Big Questions With Zona Zealots

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NCAA Football: Texas-San Antonio at Arizona

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The second interview of bowl season is upon us, just four days out in front of the 2013 AdvoCare V100 Bowl against the Arizona Wildcats. In our first round, we spoke to FanSided’s Arizona local site, and now, we turn to the site that covers just the Wildcats themselves. They would be Zona Zealots, and we spoke to their recently-retired editor, Justin Sayers, for some insights on Boston College’s opponents next week on New Year’s Eve.

5.) New Year’s Eve will be the first time that Boston College and Arizona will meet in football. Tucson and Boston are just a little ways apart, so is there even a perception about Boston College sports out there?

JS: Boston College is a pretty-well known university, but I wouldn’t say there is a perception about its sports programs in Tucson. Everybody knows about the bigger plays and players, like Doug Flutie and the Hail Flutie and more recently Matt Ryan, but I believe there is limited knowledge about the Eagles’ program beyond that.

4.) How has the football culture changed, if at all, under Rich Rodriguez these last two years?

JS: If you look at the history of Wildcats football, there really isn’t any. So prior to Rich Rodriguez, Arizona never really had a “football culture.”

Tucson is a basketball town, and there’s no doubt about it, but in just two years, Rodriguez has had people at least talking about football. He’s done this by not only performing well on the field, but by connecting with fans and creating a more open environment.

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