2013 AdvoCare V100 Bowl: 5 Big Questions with Heat Waved

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NCAA Football: Oregon at Arizona

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A bowl game is kind of a big deal, especially when your football program has been several years without one. Since this is the last game of the season, this calls for more than one interview with the opposing side.

For our first slate of questions, we reached out to the Arizona local site on FanSided, Heat Waved. There, we had a conversation with Jovan Alford, their lead editor, about Arizona Wildcats football and the upcoming AdvoCare V100 Bowl for the Eagles.

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5.) As the Arizona local site for FanSided, you follow multiple college teams. This year, Arizona has been second-best to their ranked rivals at Arizona State. In football terms, has it usually been this way or is this a more recent development?

JA: This is more of a recent development since Rich Rodriguez showed up at Arizona a couple of years ago, and then with Todd Graham showing up at ASU. It’s been kind of like a back-and-forth.

You see now that Arizona State is the lead team with Taylor Kelly at QB and Marion Grice at RB. But you remember two years ago, Nick Foles and the Arizona Wildcats were the lead team in Arizona. So it definitely changes from year to year it seems like.

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