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USC 78, Boston College 62: Eagles Embarrassed Again

On Sunday evening in Los Angeles, the Boston College Eagles were defeated by the USC Trojans in their non-conference basketball game, 78-62.

With the loss, the Eagles drop to 3-6 on the season.

We said it ourselves on Twitter last night, and it bears repeating:

Once again, Boston College offered up a poor performance when they needed all the forward momentum they could get. Amongst the low-lights:

• The Eagles were out-rebounded by the Trojans, 44-27
• Boston College shoots 35 three-pointers, makes nine (25.7%)
• Olivier Hanlan came off the bench and had an unspectacular six-point game

Right now, Boston College fans have to reach the collective acknowledgement that this team probably will not rally to make the NCAA Tournament. Even if they somehow win out in non-conference play, which based on schedule was unlikely even if they weren’t a bad team, they will not go the requisite (let’s say) 12-6 or 13-5 in the ACC in order to pile up the approximate number of wins they’d need. As a matter of fact, playing the way they have, it’s more likely the Eagles would go 5-13 in their conference than 13-5.

This team has no passion, no leadership, and no direction. Every night is the same story: chuck three-pointers, play soft defense, give up offensive rebounds, rinse, repeat. It’s as if they’re going through the motions every time they step on the court, and that sort of poisonous attitude is having a deleterious effect on their season. Boston College basketball only attempts to do one thing — shoot jumpers — and frankly, they’re not even that good at it. Given that they are, for all practical purposes, non-existent in other phases of the game, the Eagles have a very serious problem and there is no solution on the horizon.

The consensus is growing around the Boston College blogosphere and in the fan sphere: if this ends up being a bad season, which is looking more likely with each game, then it may be time for Steve Donahue to go. December is a serious month for this team as they have tried to rehabilitate their 2013-14 campaign, but what have they done so far? Get blown out by two mediocre teams, major-conference though they are. Soon, there will be nothing left to save if these poor efforts continue.

Boston College will return to the court on Thursday night to host Maryland in their ACC opener.

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