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Boston College at Syracuse: 5 Rapid Fire Questions

On a holiday, there is typically very little demand for college football coverage, but our love for fresh Boston College Eagles content over here is transcendent.

The Eagles have an important game coming in just two days against the Syracuse Orange which could catapult them to an outstanding and unexpected 8-win season. We’ll get you back to your family time in a moment, but not before asking and quickly answering five relevant questions about the game.

5.) Would an eighth win validate this season for Boston College?

No, the season is already plenty valid. The Eagles have exceeded expectations and the year is officially a success at this point, barring any unforeseen (unlikely) major setbacks.

4.) Will desperation for a 5-6 Syracuse team work in their favor?

Not necessarily. This is an old rivalry being rekindled full-time in the ACC and it should be fun over the years, but just because Syracuse needs the game doesn’t mean the Eagles aren’t going to try to stop them from getting it. Besides, we don’t really know what sort of “sense of urgency” the Orange have, so it’s difficult to comment.

3.) In general, why doesn’t the BC offensive line get more pub for their contributions?

Because the running backs put up stats and the offensive linemen don’t. The glory always goes to the playmakers and never the guys who make the play work. Andre Williams has been magnanimous and humble enough to recognize that the five big dudes in front of him have contributed to his success, and we should recognize that as well.

2.) What’s Syracuse’s major malfunction on offense?

From what we can tell, everything. Not only do they not score, they don’t really move the ball, either. They look a lot like Tranquill-era Boston College on paper and in practice.

1.) Is Syracuse going to stop Andre Williams, or even slow him down?

No, and no.

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