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Boston College at Maryland: Bottom Line & Pick

It’s a time for choosing, as they say, and it comes every day before a football Saturday. Who will win the game between the Boston College Eagles and Maryland Terrapins?

Boston College Best-Case Scenario
The Eagles’ offensive line dominates at the point of attack and guess what happens? Andre Williams, that’s what. He runs up and down on the Terps much like Rolandan Finch did in the snow in College Park two years ago, except this performance will put Williams up and over 2,000 total yards. Boston College’s defense holds the struggling Terps offense down, enough to win the game by about ten.

Boston College Worst-Case Scenario
The Eagles remember they’re on the road and look overmatched out of the gate. Maryland scores first and, much like in the North Carolina game, Boston College is playing from behind most of the way (yes, the Eagles, led in that game early, but that was rather short-lived, wasn’t it). The Terps serve Boston College a defeat on their way out of the conference, themselves winning by about ten in a game that gets mildly interesting in the second but the Eagles never gain the momentum for good. Andre Williams has a modest game, which is perhaps the most devastating part of this.

Bottom Line
These two teams are pretty even in that it’s hard to distinguish which has the advantage over the other. Vegas feels the same way, clearly.

I pull the “homer” card on this website very rarely, using it like the family credit card reserved only for emergencies. This is one of those times. Boston College doesn’t play well on the road (usually), but given their momentum and previous success against the Terps, I can’t pick against the Eagles here. I just can’t. Besides, it’s certainly plausible that the Eagles will win, especially given that the monkey is off their backs with regards to winning on the road. It’s close, but I think they get it done behind another solid performance by Andre Williams. To that end, I think he gets close to 2,000 yards but does not break it. Not this week, anyway.

The Pick
• Score estimate: Boston College 28, Maryland 24

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