Boston College at Maryland: 5 Big Questions with Terrapin Station

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NCAA Football: Maryland at Virginia Tech

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Asking myself five questions about our football games every week is peachy and all that, but asking someone else the questions gives me the license to both reach out for some differing opinions and to be lazy.

This week, prior to Boston College’s game with the Maryland Terrapins, we’ve connected with Michael Willis, editor of Terrapin Station, Maryland’s corner of the FanSided network.

5. Looking back on your school’s time in the ACC, what football rivalries will you miss the most?

MW: As I look back on Maryland’s long tenure in the ACC, I can’t help but be amazed that we still don’t really have a rival. That’s on the ACC as a whole for not helping manufacture one. Maryland could play Duke in a spitting contest and fans would show up, so of course they put them in different divisions and never have them play one another. Instead, we got Virginia, and even Deadspin actually thought Maryland and Boston College was a rival. The ACC’s Carolina-centric attitude killed any real attention being paid to rivalries outside of Tobacco Road. There really isn’t one, but I digress…

I’m going to miss Clemson the most. In the 2000’s, Maryland vs Clemson was a push. Every game tended to be pretty exciting, and even though they’ve won the last four straight, Maryland still fights them tooth and nail. Ask any Clemson fan from South Carolina which team they hate playing, and they’ll agree it’s South Carolina and Maryland. Weird, right? But consider that only Florida State, South Carolina, and Maryland have beaten Clemson 50% of the time from ’01 to ’12

Of course, I’ll also miss Boston College and Virginia. Even though you guys have the advantage 7-3 against us all-time, the games are typically close and cold. Unfortunately, it makes for a boring game most of the time. Virginia, they just can’t get out of their own way. We beat them up a lot.

ACC, we hardly knew ye.

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