Boston College at New Mexico State: 5 Big Questions

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NCAA Football: Boston College at Florida State

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You’re probably not all that curious about New Mexico State football and are only interested in seeing Boston College win the game and get out of there on Saturday, but on this here website, we have a segment called “5 Big Questions.” We will ask them anyway so deal with it.

5. Generally speaking, are we selling New Mexico State short?

There’s been a lot said about the Aggies here in the last couple days, with descriptive words including “bad,” “worst,” “terrible,” and so forth. The fact is, New Mexico State is having a legitimately awful season at 1-8 and their defense is beyond reproach.

We try to be fair in our appraisals of all opposing teams here, but if a team stinks, we say so. Perhaps in an alternate dimension, New Mexico State is a decent team, but in this one, they have not played like one at all. Yes, they have played some tough teams along the way so give them a little credit, but they’ve also lost some horrible games and just barely beat the lightest team on their schedule.

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