Responding to the Last Frank Spaziani Apologist

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Aug 31, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston College Eagles head coach Steve Addazio leads his team down Campella Way to the entrance of Alumni Stadium prior to a game against the Villanova Wildcats. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Next up in challenges is what looks, on the surface, like one of BC’s easier tasks, handling 108 New Mexico, whose 1-8 record includes only a win over FCS opponent Abilene Christian.

I didn’t know the NCAA added radio stations to the FBS. If so, I’m rooting for the WFAN. Hey they got Boomer Esiason!

BC is a 24 point favorite over the Aggies, who have an Eagle connection since last season’s BC offensive coordinator Doug Martin is the head coach.
The warning sign of course, is that the Eagles have not won a road game in almost two years and Addazio is well aware of the let down factor after the emotional and draining win over Virginia Tech.

You mentioned that before.

“”All the antennas are up,” said Addazio. “They put their sacks and pads on the same way we do” said Addazio, going to the Football Cliché 101 handbook. “They are going to come right back at us.”

I like the double quote mark at the start-add emphasis. By the way, if any coach simply downplays their opponent it usually comes off as douchey.

Addazio knows the Eagles have struggled each week to reach .500. They are struggling to get to the six win bowl eligibility minimum. At times, in one-sided losses such as a 34-10 pounding by then 1-5 North Carolina, the confidence factor erodes.
The win over Virginia Tech boosted it back to a point, but Addazio knows that confidence level is also fragile.

Fra-jee-ley, it’s Italian.

“”At some point you need validation (for what you are doing),” said Addazio. “”Until you do get it, it tests your will. That games (Virginia Tech) helped build that.”

Double quotes, so hot right now, double quotes.

But a team also needs someone to lead the way on the field. Addazio can talk and yell and council and scold only to a point.

I’m pretty sure his voice can get hoarse after a while.

With the calendar working against them, the 15 seniors of the Class of 2014, are providing that leadership and climbing up the hill to re-establish BC’s bowl credentials but also to re-establish the confidence factor that had faded steadily for the past two seasons.

How are they providing leadership that is any different than the other Boston College Senior Classes? Riddle me that. Is it because they are Spaz’s boys?

And while Frank Spaziani couldn’t make things right quick enough to save his job…

9-3, 7-5, 4-8, 2-10. And it wouldn’t have gotten better because the recruiting classes just got worse and worse (247)


…the knock about against his recruiting classes is just flat out wrong, especially if you include the prime recruit from his first recruiting class in 2009, two-time All American and Butkus winner linebacker Luke Kuechly, who is now an all Pro caliber linebacker with the Carolina Panthers.

As BC Interruption pointed out on Twitter, Luke Kuechly signed to BC five days after Spaziani was hired. Spaz must’ve sped down to Ohio after his introductory press conference. Jags had absolutely nothing to do with it.


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