Nov 2, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston College Eagles quarterback Chase Rettig (11) celebrates with teammates after the clock runs out against the Virginia Tech Hokies at Alumni Stadium. The Eagles defeated the Hokies 34-27. Mandatory Credit: Ed Wolfstein-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College Eagles Lunchtime Links From Across the Pond

Nov 2, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston College Eagles quarterback Chase Rettig (11) takes a snap against the Virginia Tech Hokies during the first quarter at Alumni Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ed Wolfstein-USA TODAY Sports

So I have taken a long sojourn from Soaring to Glory. As you may or may not have known/cared, I have been taking a semester abroad at Royal Holloway, University of London which of course is a 40 minute train ride outside of the city of London(at least Boston College’s connection to its namesake is better).

I’ve been learning a lot of things here that I shall list out…..actually let’s make this a daily segment of the links dump.

An American’s bulletpoints to Enlgand:

-“University” only lasts for three years

-“Uni” costs 9,000 GBP for one semester one year

-The British have a weird love for mayonnaise-trust me it’s weird

-They think Dominoes is good pizza

-They call “lines” “queues”

-Many more to come

Now here are the links. Since I am still figuring out how to find the best links for you Eagles fans, give me some time but I tried to base the link selections on interesting topics in both Boston College and college athletics:


Washington Post: College football players often aren’t allowed to talk a good game

Being the closeted libertarian that I am(I want my vote to count), I’m in full favor of free speech whether it concerns the government or even postgame interviews. I’m a big believer in honesty and cutting the crap that is spewed from athletes as if they are the clones from Kamino. Building adults doesn’t require coddling in the 18-23 years.


Women’s Hockey beats Providence 2-1 in OT

Obviously in England, I really haven’t been  able to keep with any of the sports less “important” than football. But this Eagles teams, even though they were ranked #2 earlier in the season, are still at a respectable #6. Another note: I found out today that Alex Carpenter is not with Boston College this season because she is trying to qualify for

Sochi. That’s too bad, but I wonder how that works into eligibility i.e. Does she have another two years after this one? It would be sweet if the answer was yes considering she was the best athlete at Boston College last year.


Al Jazeera America: When Sex Meets NCAA Athletics

Talks about Jaryd Rudolph case that happened in early 2012. Some the details are quite surprising and appalling.


And about that run game…..

I know that despite this stat Boston College is only 56th in rushing yards, but compared to last year that improvement is massive. The real key will be the coaching staff actually using a change of pace back. Myles Willis has the second most carries,23, on the team(I don’t count Chase Rettig) to Williams’ 216.  And Willis is averaging 6.1 yards per carry!! You NEED to develop the future!


And to add insult to Virginia Tech’s injury…

Boom, roasted! I don’t think the Hokies are going to get up after that one. Stick a fork in them, they’re done.


Song of the day: Give some suggestions in the comments or email us [email protected].

Today’s choice is a classic?

Tweet of the Day(so far):

There is no contest, WHATSOEVER! Wait till Clayton goes on tour with the Big Four. That’s the obvious next step.

Slayer promotional plan:
1. Have John Clayton wear a Slayer shirt in SportsCenter commercial(Check)
2. Have said commercial become enormously popular(Check)
3. Appear in picture with John Clayton, get over 3,000 retweets on Twitter(check)
4. Make John Clayton the first rock hype man since that guy in the Mighty Mighty Bosstones(see ‘Impression That I Get’)
5. John Clayton OD’s on Viagra with all the newfound fame…..oops

Speaking of the Big Four, if Mariano Rivera never shows up on stage at a Metallica to sing “Enter Sandman” I will be thoroughly disappointed.

Thanks for sticking with this hopefully daily feature. In future editions, I will have extended, articulate commentary that rivals Barstool. Check us out tomorrow at around the same time.

Philosophical Question of the Day: If you only read the ESPN ACC blog, would you know that there are other teams in the conference besides FSU and Miami?

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