Virginia Tech at Boston College: BC Offense vs. VT Defense

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NCAA Football: Army at Boston College

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Virginia Tech’s defense is the reason that team wins games. As we will see tomorrow, they can’t score a lick on offense, but they have shut down opponent after opponent, save for Alabama. One can even say they played well against Duke in their loss last week, and you can’t blame the defense for losing a game where they gave up 13 points.

Boston College’s offense, on the other hand, has been ineffective for the most part. In terms of yardage and overall production, they’re only slightly better than last season. What they had of a passing game has been traded for a running game, and they have gotten a few more points out of the deal. The Eagles have done some things noticeably better, such as avoid a number of turnovers, including interceptions. The red zone offense figure is deceptively high, because the Eagles have rarely run any plays there this season.

The Eagles are probably going to have a great deal of difficulty running the ball, and if they can’t run the ball, then they’re probably not going to do much of anything.

Final Evaluation
Digging any deeper into the matchups would be a little pointless as this is clearly a titanic mismatch.

The Hokies create many turnovers, sack the quarterback, shut down the run, and ultimately keep teams off the scoreboard. Boston College does not have many answers for Virginia Tech in this department. The only potential saving grace for the Eagles is that they’ve played elite defenses before, such as Florida State, and have been competitive at home. Nevertheless, this will be a touch assignment. Virginia Tech favored.

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