Boston College at Clemson: 5 Big Questions

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NCAA Football: Clemson at Boston College

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It is necessary and appropriate to have a variety of questions about the Boston College Eagles as they prepare to play the Clemson Tigers on Saturday. After all, this will be an interesting and difficult challenge, and there are many things we collectively want to know. Now, we must do our best to figure out the answers to these questions before the game is played.

5. Realistically, what are the odds of an upset? Could it be a look-ahead trap for Clemson?

Realistically, above zero percent but below 50 percent. If they were above fifty percent, then chances are Clemson would not be favored. That line is the way it is for a reason.

If you’re looking for a specific percentage, “any given Saturday” is probably good for about 25 percent on any ol’ weekend. That’s probably the best you’re going to do with a rebuilding team on the road against a top-five team.

There’s no doubt that some in the Clemson sphere are looking beyond this game to the biggie against Florida State, but it seems unlikely that the team has checked out of this one. Clemson is contending for a national championship and one loss could end their hopes. They are fully aware that they have to treat every game like the biggest one of the season, keeping in mind that the BCS computers like it more when you beat the snot out of teams.

Boston College is also approaching this as a challenge to be overcome, with Steve Addazio telling the media that the goal is to win, not merely to have a respectable showing. Win or lose, this is the correct attitude to have and it projects confidence in the players (which is a nice change from the previous regime).

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