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Boston College at USC: Pac-12 Network Will Not Share Game; Blacked Out on BC Campus

Boston College students who wanted to watch the Eagles take on the USC Trojans from the comforts of their dorm on Saturday afternoon are probably out of luck.

This means that the Boston College campus, which does not carry the Pac-12 Network for reasons which seem obvious, will not have any live television feed of the Boston College-USC game on Saturday afternoon. It also means that any cable or satellite subscriber without Pac-12 Network will not be able to watch the game through official channels, either.

The Pac-12 Network inexplicably giving the finger to Boston College’s students and many of its fans has put us in the position of having to share a few ways for you to be able to see this game. In reality, we knew we were in trouble as soon as it was revealed that the game would be on that channel, but now many Eagles faithful will have to resort to other means.

Potential Alternative Methods of Viewing Boston College/USC

Go to the game. This ship has probably already sailed, seeing as how it’s in a few days, but it wouldn’t be a bad trip.
Go to a bar, sans-DirecTV, that has the Pac-12 Network. You may even wish to verify with the bar beforehand to save yourself the trouble of showing up at a watering hole that doesn’t have the channel you were there to watch.
Go to a game watch. ATL will have that information – he always does – so if there’s one local to you, go for it.
Find a friend or relative that has the channel. I do, but you’ll have to bring something over. Onion dip to the front of the line. Other than that, find a sports-friendly buddy who has the network.
Find a grainy internet feed from a sketchy international site. From Russia With Spyware. Happy viewing, comrades!

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