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Boston College 24, Wake Forest 10: Unedited Reaction

For the first time since 2010, the Boston College Eagles are 2-0, and for the first time since 2007, the Eagles are 1-0 in the ACC. That in itself as an achievement, considering that 2 wins and 1 ACC win were BC’s 2012 totals in those respective departments. With ten games to go, it is now a virtual certainty that the Eagles will improve upon their record from last year.

As for tonight, though it again was not a perfect effort, there were more good things to say than last week.

Boston College 24, Wake Forest 10: Likes/Dislikes

• The defense was a like and, let’s be honest, it won this football game. When special teams melted down late in the first half, they held Wake Forest four times at the goal line. Late in the game, they did once again. They came up with more turnovers, sacks, and tackles for a loss. They’ve remained aggressive and they’re playing with confidence for the first time in a long time. There wasn’t anyone who stood out as bad, at least watching live and in person, and many guys played notably well.

• I loved the intensity. The players came out of the tunnel fired up and played fired up. A little confidence goes a long way in football, and these kids have coaches who believe in them now and are getting the best from them. Before Steve Addazio got here, the effluvial stench of death hovered over this program like London fog, but the attitude has completely changed and it is plainly obvious.

• I did not like some of what the offense did on Friday night, but I did like the guts they showed in going for the kill shot on the flea flicker in Wake territory. They were up 17-7 and putting up some quick scores, but Rettig’s pass got intercepted. Though the execution wasn’t there, the play call showed a killer instinct. BC hasn’t had one in years, until now. This team has played with more guts and heart in these two games than they have in the last four years.

• I liked Andre Williams, who came up with 204 rushing yards. Do you know how many rushing yards BC had in last year’s Wake game? TWELVE. The offensive line crumbled several times as Rettig was on his keester a little too often, but they held long enough for Williams to have a big night.

• I’m iffy on the passing game. Rettig only had 14 attempts and still threw two touchdowns, but he only completed passes to three receivers. It would have been four, and there would have been more catches in general, except for a particular dislike which was the dropped passes. For example, Bobby Wolford straight-up dropped a touchdown in the end zone. He wasn’t the only one with butter fingers.

• A big like was no penalties for the Eagles. Whereas last week they committed a few costly ones, they had none at all against Wake Forest. See what coaching some discipline can do?

Boston College 24, Wake Forest 10: Bottom Line

This was a credible effort by Boston College last night and they deserved to win. It is fair to say that they were the better team pretty much all the way through and Wake Forest, outside of here and there, did not flex its muscles. The Eagles again made some mistakes, and the run-heavy power football gameplan is one of those things we have to accept, but it worked again last night, and that’s ultimately what matters.

Boston College took Villanova’s best shot last week and had to claw their way to a win. The Eagles bounced back and never trailed in this one. There is definitely no such thing as a bad conference win, and BC earned it.

Boston College 24, Wake Forest 10: What’s Next?

While some media figures wonder how Wake Forest’s cruise over Presbyterian didn’t amount to stomping out Boston College, the Eagles will be preparing for the USC Trojans.

My get-to-6-and-6 bowl math said Boston College had to be 2-2 after four games. They will be no worse than that. Therefore, the USC game next week is almost like a free play. The Eagles have nothing to lose and a lot to gain with a respectable effort. If the chances they take backfire and they lose by 30, who cares — everyone thinks they will, anyway.

For now, anyway, this team is still undefeated. We’re two weeks in and Boston College hasn’t lost yet. This program resided somewhere in Dante’s City of Dis for the last several years, so take it and run.

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