Boston College Football Countdown: 4 Days to Go

Seeing as there are four days left, here are the Boston College football players associated with the number four and four factoids.

Who Wears 4 Now


Hey, don’t look at me. It’s not retired (only 22 and 68 are officially).

NFL: New York Jets-Training Camp

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Notables Who Wore 4

Donnie Fletcher, CB, 2008-11. Moved on to the NFL.
Rico Labbe, SS, 1986-89. Also moved on to the NFL.
Kenyatta Watson, WR, 1993-96. Now president of a youth football organization.
Jazzmen Williams, CB, 2002-05. Makes me think of this.

High Rank

Boston College’s highest-ever end-of-season rank was 4th in the 1984 UPI poll.

Obligatory Doug Flutie Reference

Doug Flutie had three career four-touchdown games as an Eagle. Glenn Foley and Frank Harris also had three.

As For Today…

Chase Rettig presently has four career 300+ yard passing games.

Random Special Teams Fact

The most (good) field goals ever kicked by Boston College in a single game is four; the feat has been accomplished in seven games, three of them by Nate Freese.

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